Small space living is becoming the norm in recent years. Some choose to live more minimally to have more space and more peace. Others have no choice, especially with the struggle of rising housing costs in big cities.

No matter your reasons for where you live ( maybe a hdb in tampines ), there are numerous ways you can create more visual space and make your home appear a whole lot bigger than it actually is.


1. Love on Lucite
  • Lucite is fast becoming a staple in home décor. It’s appearing everywhere this season, from coffee tables to side chairs. However, don’t think of it as a trendy and passing fad. In fact, lucite is a clever material to work with when it comes to opening up your space. Due to the fact that they are essentially transparent, furniture made of lucite takes up less visual space because you can see through them. They are nifty pieces that do not obstruct the view of the room and improve the overall flow in your space. This gives the illusion of more space, because hey, you see right through them !

2. Low furniture
  • Low furniture is another way of tricking the eye into perceiving more space. You might want to avoid tall, big and bulky furniture, which can sometimes lead to a cramped vibe in tight spaces. Instead, opt for pieces of furniture that are lower to the ground in place of large chunky furniture. For example, pick out a low-profile daybed to turn an awkward nook into a cozy hideaway. Not only do these pieces keep the sightline much lower, they make your ceilings appear much taller, giving the illusion of more visual height to your space.

3. Mid-century furniture
  • Your choice of furniture can essentially add or take away from the visual weight of your space. The right type of furniture is your secret weapon when it comes to space maximization. Mid-century furniture pieces are a solid addition to any space. They function very well in tight spaces due to their simplicity and fine craftsmanship. Their sleek silhouettes and light design help ease up the overall look of your home and open up your look well. Look out for the tell-tale signs of a mid-century piece: long legs and pared-back designs. They allow your vision to flow in and around them with a lot more ease and do not obstruct your view of the entire space.


4. Mirrors
  • Mirrors, whether they are standalone pieces or incorporated as part of furniture, are essential tools in transforming the visual space that you’re working with. Decorating smaller spaces is mostly visual manipulation. A good mirror is hands-down the best way to trick the eye. They essentially function in the same way that windows do. They make your rooms look bigger, lighter, and much more open, regardless of the square-footage. Consider adding a wall of mirrors, or a floor to ceiling mirror to give your rooms the illusion of more space.

5. Window-facing couch
  • Your furniture impacts the visual weight of the room, no doubt. But so does how you arrange it. The way you place and arrange your furniture can positively or negatively impact the feel of your space. For example, if your couch faces the wall, it makes your view more closed-off and claustrophobic. Rather, if you arrange your couch to make it face the window, or even some mirrors if your home is short on windows, you instantly open up the view. This expands your design’s sightline, making your space feel open and airy through playing around with your sightline.

6. High curtain rods
  • Install your curtain rods close to the ceiling rather than just directly above window frames. This is a simple trick that goes a long way. Not only is it simple to execute, it has instant gratification as well. Placing your curtain rods close to the ceiling forces the eye to look higher, visually elongating your room’s vertical height to make the ceilings appear much higher. It also makes your space look a tiny bit grander. However, don’t forget to keep curtain fabrics light and flowy to avoid weighing down the whole aesthetic and defeating the purpose.

7. Invisible shelves
  • A floating, invisible shelf is another small and easy trick that can make a big impact on your overall space. They have both form and function, maximizing your storage space and giving a place for décor essentials while they’re easy (or rather, not easy) to look at. Invisible shelves are thus an economical way to avoid crowding and cluttering your surfaces and your visuals.

8. Corner couch
  • The corners of your space are usually wasted as dead space. However, these dead spaces have much potential. Think about investing in furniture pieces that can properly utilize these otherwise unused spaces, such as a corner couch. This can be a total game-changer because it frees-up loads space, both literally and visually.

9. Lots of light
  • You truly can’t have enough light in your life, and in your space. Whether its natural or artificial, adding light can (excuse the pun) lighten up your space. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have lot of sunshine spilling through your windows! We can’t all be that fortunate. Consider artificially adding light through fixtures. They can be wall sconces, or pendants, or even chandeliers. A good source of light works wonders in creating a room with a bright and open vibe.

10. Get organized
  • You may now know many design ideas that can add some space to your home, both visually and literally. However, how you organize your space is probably the most important of them all. If your space isn’t as organized as it can be, the clutter will distract the eye and drown your sight, pulling down and adding to the visual weight of the room. Thus, ensure that your space is neat and organized in order to transform overbearing clutter into satisfying décor.


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