ReaQta – a fast growing cybersecurity company announced that tey have appointed Mavisco Resources as their official distributor for the Malaysia market. Headquartered in Amsterdam and Singapore, ReaQta is founded by a team with rich experience in government-led cyber intelligence operations and Threat Intelligence.


With a deep understanding of the modern cybersecurity landscape, ReaQta is one of the few solution providers to craft a highly advanced, Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) powered endpoint threat response platform – ReaQta-Hive – that analyses, detect and eliminates potential threats. The joint partnership will strengthen ReaQta’s global expension plan in the Asia Pasific region, especially Malaysia and will offer Mavisco the opportunity to provide a cutting-edge technology to their customers base.

“We are delighted to partner with Mavisco today to serve the cybersecurity 
industry in Malaysia..”

- Alberto Pelliccione ; CEO of ReaQta

Recent cases have shown that cybercrime is stepping up in Malaysia but the country is responding fast with increased awareness and adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Our AI – enabled solution helps the enterprise to detect and thwart new or unknown threats in real-time, while offering complete visibility and threat hunting capabilities.

By gaining advanced response capabilities and reducing the dwell time after an attack, organizations can better concentrate on their growth and worry less about keeping their infrastructure secure from praying eyes.


Reinforcing the platform’s engine with an additional security measure, ReaQta has also created the world’s first technology – called Nano OS – which monitors operating system from both inside and outside, while remaining invisible to the malware. This means that the Nano OS cannot be shut dowm by the attackers and it provides inspection capabilities that cannot be reached in other ways. The tools empower IT administrators with the ability to monitor local as well as global infrastructures effortlessly.

In addition, the early-warning features provided by the platform allow them to perform security assessments ahead of any potential cyber-attack, including supply-chain attack ; in which third party vendors have bben compromised – that are notoriously hard to detect.


“ReaQta’s solution is an ideal fit for Mavisco expansion into cyber-security arena. 
As more companies go digital, we see a need provide an intergrated one-stop solution that 
goes beyond current printing and IT services. We believe cyber-security will continue to 
play a critical focus in IT and we are excited to partner with ReaQta to provide a 
best-in-class solution to potential new customers as well as to value-add to our existing ones.”

- Mr. Kai Saw ; Group General Manager for Mavisco

The demand for ReaQta’s solution is further driven by the need for an easy-to-use dashboard that offers users a detailed storyline and risk assessment indicators. This provides IT administrators with an integrated view into the entire infrastructure, in one quick glance. This is especially useful for managed security service providers ( MSSPs ), value-added resellers ( VARs ), distributoers and system integrators when conducting regular checks or reports to their customers.

The solution is also applicable to all industries including those in air-gapped environment as it does not require internet access, unlike traditional or basic cyber-security.

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