REALME XT CAMERA REVIEW: First 64MP Snapdragon Quad Camera in Malaysia

realme XT is the latest addition to realme’s range of smartphones. It is equipped with a flagship-level sensor of 64MP offering ultra clarity pictures, 712 Snapdragon, VOOC 3.0 Flash Charge, FHD+ Super AMOLED Display and in-display fingerprint. One of the key features of realme XT is their quad camera technology featuring Samsung's 64 MP GW1 sensor for the primary camera, 8MP wide-angle lens, a 2MP macro lens and a 2MP portrait lens.

Let’s have a look at realme XT’s quad camera technology and effects we’ll get from! 

Macro mode

With just a glance of the image above, it proves that the macro effect in realme XT is really extraordinary. Genuinely showing the true power of macro lens with only a distance of 4cm from your lens towards the object. Macro lens allow you to get closer and discover the beauty of the micro world around.

Portrait mode

Furthermore, the availability to capture studio quality of portrait photos that’s real with realme XT comes with smart HDR. Real smart HDR shows more highlight and shadows effect to make portrait photos feel alive. If you’re thinking of taking a photo of your loved ones, switch on realme XT’s portrait mode and you will love it.

Ultra Wide

Angle realme XT’s Ultra 119° Ultra Wide and 1.5x Wider View wants you to capture each and everything you’ve seen. The ultra wide-angle camera packs a 119° field of view that’s up to 50% wider and with the help of DLDC engine corrects edge distortion ensuring the quality of your shots. This is a sample shot providing you the best wide angle shot experience and enable you capture to more sceneries.


Lastly, what makes the realme XT stand out is the 64MP quad camera system. realme XT is equipped with 64MP ISOCELL GW1 Sensor that supports a 9216 X 6912 ultra-high pixel output providing users Flagship-level photography.It will be quite impressive if used under ideal lighting situations just like the photo shown above. As you zoom in, you can clearly see so many tiny details.

In conclusion, beyond the premium design language and a smooth performance, the realme XT is all about 64MP camera system. You will not find another phone that offers a combination of high-resolution detailed photography and versatility in this segment. If you are planning to shoot real photos, realme XT is the phone to bet on!

realme XT(8 + 128 GB) is available on Lazada 11.11 at RM1,399.00 for Malaysians. For any purchase of realme XT on Lazada 11.11 sale, realme Malaysia will be giving a FREE realme bag worth of RM159. To find out more about realme XT, please visit


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