Our hair is our crowning glory as it is an expression of femininity, health and personality, it is what people notice, at first sight, followed by our smile, which will be all the brighter if we’re feeling good about our hair that day. With Diane Bonheur (“Happiness” in French), you can say “bye-bye” to dry, frizzy and damaged hair forever.

Formulated with over 98% organic ingredients for a unique “farm-to-hair” experience, Diane Bonheur worked together with trusted farmers worldwide, carefully handpicked everything, from the soil and seeds to the sources of production, to produce nature’s best in a bottle. It is the first farming shampoo that enriched your hair with “energies” from the earth, through a shampoo made in methods as organic as possible. The good news is that you can now get your hands on these “harvested” shampoo range now at Watsons stores nationwide and Watsons online as well. The new artisanal haircare range of Diane Bonheur is available in Grasse Rose and Orange Flower. 

When it comes to shampoo, the more natural the ingredient the better it is for the scalp. Synthetic chemicals have been scientifically been proven to be harmful as it can damage your hair by making it brittle and frizzy. Hence, Diane Bonheur’s haircare range is crafted with 100% plant-derived cleansing ingredients. All Diane Bonheur products are also made from 100% cold-pressed single-origin organic oils, meaning that you can trace the oils used in the products to the small farmlands they were sourced from. The oils used in the haircare range are meticulously crafted by artisans to provide the most luxurious hair washing experience. It also highlights Diane Bonheur’s philosophy in bringing joy and happiness for all those involved in the production of the shampoo.

Constant perming and colouring may get you the perfect hair but it can also cause permanent damage to the hair follicle and lead to serious breakage. However, with Diane Bonheur’s Grasse Rose range, it can revitalise coarse hair by cleansing your locks and nourishing it from deep within. Not only does it make your locks soft to the touch, but it also leaves behind a sweet scent. Formulated with a rare rose, known as Rose De Mai, it can only be harvested in May each year in Grasse, France, which is also widely known as the cradle of perfumery. The Rose De Mai only blooms once a year for a maximum of three weeks and only one drop of essential oil can be extracted from 300 flowers. It produces a sweet and mellow scent with light notes of honey, making it a sensuous scent that has captivated people for decades.

The Rose De Mai is also the reason why the iconic Chanel no.5 remains as the most famous fragrance through the decades as it is the key ingredient in the fragrance. 
The new range of Diane Bonheur haircare products is available exclusively at Watsons stores nationwide or at the Watsons online store at

To achieve the glossy locks of your dreams, Diane Bonheur’s Orange Flower range can minimize frizziness caused by dryness. Its craft shampoo and treatment set enables to tame frizziness and restore the health of your strands within a wash, giving you an instant shine to your locks! Formulated with the fragrance of an orange flower, also known as Neroli, it gives your hair a refreshing harmony of citrus scents that lingers on your hair throughout the day.

“At Watsons Malaysia, we aim to inspire our shoppers to do good and feel great in the communities that we are part of. Be it in the workplace, marketplace, environment or community at large, we are always innovating to look for better solutions to optimise our processes to ensure that they are delivering the greatest good for the greatest number. Just like Diane Bonheur, who has been constantly committed to their philosophy of “farm-to-hair” in creating a happy connection between farmlands, manufacturers, Mother Nature and their customers. Diane Bonheur is a shampoo born for happiness and each step of the production process, from ingredients and transportation to reach the end-user, is always about making everyone and Mother Nature happy. It is the way of Diane Bonheur which I wish to inspire everyone as the happiness of the world will lead to our own happiness,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.


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