It doesn’t matter which property you’ve own (condominium, shop-lots houses or landed houses), a good maintenance it’s always crucial to secure your income as a landlord. A good maintenance may lengthen your properties’ life, securing quality tenants and also increasing the reputation of your property. As rentals are uprising gradually in 2018, there is elevated demand of affordability and quality of rented properties. Landlords often need to bear the prices and stress to maintain owns property, in order to achieve: maximum rent, increasing in resale price and minimizing the operating expenses. Here some tips for you as a landlord in OUG Parkland can do to achieve these.


Apart from floors, walls in a house are the most space presented to the tenants, clean and fresh walls provide the impression of quality and reliable living place to the tenants. When your formal tenant leaves, you may re-paint the walls not only to give your house a fresh start, also you may create different moods to your house depends on your target tenant. For female tenants, natural and soft colours will be favourable as they look cozy; male tenants normally would not have any particular choices in wall colours, however it is still best to keep every wall looks fresh and clean. As a landlord, avoid purchasing badly-mixed paint in stores, invest some quality paints that will not peel off in a long-term. Neutral colours semi-gloss paints are the safest paint choices to re-paint your property. Neutral colours such as white, green, light sage or off-white in your property can provide impression of spacious and bright to your tenants; semi-gloss paint can wipe off stains such as crayons, scuffs if your tenants have children, this type of paint will have the least maintenance effort so you would not have to re-paint them so frequently. For outdoors painting, be sure to choose paints that can withstand harsh outdoors conditions such as storms and wind. If you would wish to have difference in impression than indoors, you may consider texture painting, while same colours will bring different moods to your walls. If you are not a fan of painting in indoor rooms, you may purchase textured wallpapers or even peel-and stick wall panels if you wish to change them from time-to-time. Wallpapers or peel-and stick wall panels come in different texture such as faux bricks or woods that might help you unleashing your creativity on your walls but not overdoing it.


Appliances such as stoves, washing machine, drying machine or even dishwasher will be the major concern of most potential tenants when they are looking at a potential home. Home appliances bring much more convenience to tenants and often as important as location of your property. Do invest on high-quality appliances with good brand reputations. Appliances such as refrigerators nowadays comes in electricity-conserving characteristic that will save you lots in terms of electricity bill. Old and deformed appliances may cost you a fortune to repair them and often consume more electricity than they should be. LED lights at home also play a role in electricity-saving as the old conventional lightbulbs are much more electricity-consuming and shorter life-span. Although they are cheaper than LED lightbulbs, however LED lightbulbs will pay it off in a longer term. You should take into account styles of your potential tenants, prices of appliances, tenant’s family size and whether or not there are children in the family while you are planning to purchase appliances in your property. Stainless steel would be the safest category in term of presentation, long-lasting and durable. Just bear in mind that there is a warranty provided for each appliances you purchased.


Renovations are often good when it comes to property upgrade however they are often expensive and time-consuming. Mini renovations in property will be the best choice to give your property a fresh look and upgrade. The kitchen is one of the most time-spent room in a house, thus you may resurface the old and stained kitchen countertops to provide a cleaner surface or make it easier to be cleaned. Normally this resurfacing may just need to cost 2 days depends on the damage on the previous countertop. Liquefied resin with appropriate mixed pigments is the easiest yet affordable resurfacing the kitchen countertops. The countertop will have a glossy finish and scratch-proof. You may also purchase pre-made and attachable countertops ranging from different materials such as granite or plastic laminates, depends on your tenant’s usage in the kitchen. Additionally, do not forget about resurfacing your old, scratched kitchen cabinets. You may either re-paint them or attach cabinet surface stickers to give them a new look. For old tiles in the bathrooms, you may also refurbish them to eliminate mold, mildew, and decay. You may also re-paint the tiles with tile paints to protect them from decay and mold yet new look. When a tenant leaves, they may leave holes in the walls as they may hang pictures. Holes that are leftover may need a re-patch to restore its condition to be presented to the next tenant.

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